Underworld: Michael turns into a Vampire (HD CLIP)

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Underworld: Michael turns into a Vampire
What’s happening in this Underworld movie clip?
Selene bites Michael while Kraven (Shane Brolly) finishes off Lucian ((Michael Sheen from The Deal and Twilight) by shooting him. Michael turns into a hybrid.

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What’s the Underworld movie about?
Against the backdrop of an unseen centuries-old war between the sophisticated Vampire clan and the brutish clan of lycanthropes, the Lycans, the lethally alluring vampire assassin and member of the elite “Death Dealers” squad, Selene (Kate Beckinsale from Van Helsing and Total Recall), has devoted her existence to eradicating the earth’s scattered pockets of remaining werewolves. With the death of the Lycans’ supreme overlord, Lucian, the vampires’ victory seems near; however, when their arch-enemy takes a special interest in the seemingly harmless human doctor, Michael Corvin (Scott Speedman from The Vow), Selene will unearth a long-standing conspiracy. Now, treason, deceit, and conflicting feelings stand in the way of truth, forcing Selene to break protocol for the sake of the vampire race. Can a forbidden relationship put her noble quest in jeopardy? Is this the beginning of a new era, and an entirely different war?

Credits: © 2003 Subterranean Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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