[4K] Tokyo Walk, Aqua City Odaiba(アクアシティお台場), Oct.2020 [Binaural Audio]

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🎧 This video was recorded with stereo binaural audio.
You can enjoy the video more realistically by watching it with headphones or earphones.

“Aqua City Odaiba” opened in Odaiba in April 2000.
In the vicinity, there are “Fuji Television Headquarters”, “Odaiba Marine Park”, and a hotel, making it one of Japan’s leading tourist attractions.

🗼 Sightseeing area

🛒 Shopping mall

🚅🛫 Station/Airport

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📷 Camera: Fimi Palm
🎙 Mic: SONY PCM-A10
🎬 Edit&Grading: Adobe Premiere Pro 2020, Adobe After Effects 2020



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