Zoku aoi sanmyaku (AKA Blue Mountains Sequel AKA 続青い山脈) (1949) (English Subtitles)

Directed by Tadashi Imai (今井正)
Written by Toshirō Ide (井手俊郎), Tadashi Imai and Yōjirō Ishizaka (石坂洋次郎)
Music by Ryōichi Hattori (服部良一)

Setsuko Hara (原節子), Ryō Ikebe (池部良), Michiyo Kogure (木暮実千代), Yōko Sugi (杉葉子), Ichirō Ryūzaki (龍崎一郎), Setsuko Wakayama (若山セツ子), Hajime Izu (伊豆肇)

In this sequel to Aoi sanmyaku (青い山脈) the focus is not on the students’, but the teachers’ life. When one day a love letter is discovered it escalates into case over which teacher and students clash. The incident blows up and there is a dispute about the truth leading to a parent-teacher association meeting. There is a vote on who is correct, which in turn leads to the teacher’s version winning out. A thief is soon caught at the headmaster’s office with the perpetrator being none other than one of the students trying to steal the love letter. This leads to a confession and an apology.

Part two of a two-part movie.
Part one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMFPsYpWXWg


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