We Were There (僕等がいた) (2012) – Inori~Namida no Kidou (祈り 〜涙の軌道)

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Artist/歌手: Mr. Children | ミスターチルドレ
Song/曲: Prayer~ The Path of Tears | Inori~Namida no Kidou | 祈り 〜涙の軌道
Movie/映画: We Were There Part I + II | Bokura ga Ita Zenpen + Kohen | 僕等がいた 前篇 + 後篇 (2012)

[MDL: 7.9/10] Follows the 10-year romance between Yano Motoharu and Takahashi Nanami. During their high school days, Yano Motoharu was the most popular boy in school, but can’t get over the death of his girlfriend from a car crash. Takahashi Nanami falls in love with Yano Motoharu and must deal with his inability to let go of the past.

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