Toho Cinemas – Roppongi Hills 🎥🍿 六本木ヒルズ映画館 (Movie Theater)

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A walk around my favourite theatre, Toho Cinemas, inside Roppongi Hills! 🙂

They have some lovely popcorn and food stalls, as well as 3D and 4D screens! Their ticket system is neat as well, as you can reserve ahead of time (3 days before the date of the movie you’re about to watch), which is handy if you’re not into having an Olympic race to get your most favourable seat lol.

The 2nd floor is awesome as well, which I’ll show you guys later when I go back to the theatre again real soon!

PS – Some clips are a combination of videos I had from before, lol, which is why there’s a poster of Deadpool 2, haha!

Thanks again for watching! 🙂

Official website (Japanese):

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